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Separated Parenting Programmes

Separation and divorce does not mean that you and your children need to suffer. Children can adjust to changes if we can work together and and be civil. Even if your ex partner is not willing to be civil, my services can support you to cope with communicating and managing strong emotions and creating stronger relationships, in the long term these tools will benefit you and your child's well-being and relationships.

 I offer clients a tailored programme to meet your needs:-

    • Parenting programmes - Triple P Level 4 

    • Groups for parents and children 

    • Anger Management

Parenting programmes/coaching, can be used to support you in court.  I also offer anger management for parents who are required to attend for court. You may think you don't need the anger management sessions, however clients who I have worked with, initially felt the same,  but left feeling the benefits of attending. It is very normal to feel angry and upset when we face loosing our children, relationships and our homes. Anger/stress management sessions aim to help you work through these emotions. You are not alone, there are many people struggling with the same feelings. 

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