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Questions you may be consider before deciding to contact me

How long do counselling sessions last?

50 minutes for adults

How often do I attend?

Normally every week or at least fortnightly to begin with. We will review the counselling sessions every 6 weeks to check in on how you are getting along. You can end your counselling sessions any time, although a planned ending is recommended. 

Do I have to talk about the past?

We will talk about the difficulties that you would like to bring to the sessions. It is your choice what you decide to work on. Not always, but usually the past is relevant, you do not necessarily have to go into detail of past experiences. 


If you have experienced trauma, we will talk about your needs, depending on the level of trauma and your coping mechanisms will depend on if you need specialist support, or if we can continue to work together and explore healthier coping mechanisms in place.


How we feel about the past and unresolved experiences may be causing you pain or distress.

How will talking help me?

Talking to a professionally trained counsellor is not like having a 'chat' with a friend. We have specific in- depth training on what and how life experiences and relationships affect our mental and emotional health. My approach, is not about fixing you, or changing you. 

You may choose to change some of your behaviours but first we will work on being comfortable with who you are. That is when we see the long lasting change taking place. 

The professional relationship I build with you in counselling is significant to enable therapy to be effective. At no time will I be judging you or giving advice.


How do I pay?

There are on line payments methods or you can pay by cash each session. Cheques are not accepted. Please visit the Payments section.

How do I know a counsellor is qualified ?

I am an Accredited member of the BACP for counsellors and psychotherapists. I am on the BACP counsellor approved register. 

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