Barriers to therapy -Q & A- What stops us from accessing talking therapies?
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Barriers to therapy -Q & A- What stops us from accessing talking therapies?

What might stop you from accessing talking therapies?

This is what some people say and my thoughts and responses based on my experiences so far.

Talking to someone will not change the past.
We are not able to change the past, we can feel differently about what happened in the past and learn to let go of being stuck in the past.

I am a man, I don't talk about my feelings.
For some men it is difficult to overcome the belief that men don't talk about their feelings. Not all of course, there are some men who are very expressive. However, for some, it is a challenge. If you are feeling stressed and finding it hard to cope, being able to express how you feel with a counsellor can be a safe place to do so. Many men access counselling and find it helps them to feel more confident,  be able to communicate and improve relationships with others.

I am too old
Irvin Yalom a great psychotherapist is a fine example that working in therapy with older people is very beneficial. Older people are facing different life challenges such as retirement, children leaving home, bereavement, losses and changes in body and mind. Having worked well with older people and seeing the differences this makes to their well being, I feel privileged to have the opportunity.

Will I have to lay on a couch?
There are definitely no couches to lay on. We sit on sofas.

People will think I am crazy or not able to cope if I go to see a counsellor
Many people now access counselling for many reasons. People of different ages and walks of life. Seeking counselling is a sign of courage, asking for help can be incredibly difficult. Also we don't have to be mad to be in counselling. People attend counselling for many reasons such as a life changing event.

I don't know what I am meant to do when in there
In counselling sessions we will talk about how you like to work, whether it is in a structured or unstructured way, or using more creative methods if you prefer.

50 minutes seems a long time to be sat talking to someone.
If you feel anxious and think starting sessions for 30 minutes will help you, we can be flexible.

I want to access counselling but haven't the time or money
No doubt accessing counselling takes time. If you cannot find the time for yourself it may be a sign that you are not able to make space for your own needs.
Private counselling does incur a financial investment, however, there are concessions and ways of budgeting money if you feel its worth it to you.

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