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Secondary School Transitions Show with special guest Lucy 13 years from Doncaster 

Modern Families radio show aims to raise awareness of health and emotional well being and give guidance to parents,carers, young people and children on a diverse range of topics.

This weeks show is all about transitions into secondary school and how we can manage this to be a smoother rather than rocky ride. We have a special young guest Lucy from Doncaster who was brave enough to join me and share her experiences of moving into secondary. Lucy shares some useful tips. 

Of course we cannot prevent everything, young people have their own unique personalities that we would not want to expect them to be different just because they are more sensitive than other children. Being sensitive is a quality in itself.

However if young people struggle with anxieties that affect day to day life, education and friendships we can support them with these as much as possible.

Here are some good tips

1. Be understanding- LISTEN i cannot stress this enough - to your child- watch their body language and changes in behaviours. These will tell you a great deal more than words.

2. Supporting children is important, avoid problem solving for your child. Encourage them to think of solutions

3. Avoiding situations usually means that we will feel more anxious and the fears become bigger. At times this strategy may be helpful in the short term but most of the time it does not help in the long term.

4. Speak with school- pastoral care and teachers can help your child if they are aware there are difficulties.

5. Create a safe place for your child to come home too, be there for your child, or find someone to be there for them such as a trusted family member or friend. Spend time with them doing something fun to relax their mind. Nurture relationships with them, a young person will usually feel much more secure and confident in who they are.

6. Plan ahead for changes- preparation is key for anxiety. 

7. Practice any new skill or situation, such as catching buses or ordering food from a cafe.

8. Remember what it was like for you moving into secondary- share your stories only maybe not too much if you had a bad time, we don't want to increase fears.

If you find that your child is struggling, i offer one to one sessions to support them with their confidence and self esteem, building reslience and coping strategies. 

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