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What does your New Year 2016 look like?

With the new year approaching, I felt the welcome urge to write a new blog. I haven't wrote for a while, writing is one of my passions, sometimes I  loose connection with passions,  I am determined to make space for the writing more often.

Which leads me onto the fabulous New Year, what does this look like for you? First of all,  i think it is helpful before we do this to spend some valuable time reflecting on this year, take a look back and process what has been your happiest, saddest and most enjoyable moments. What went well, what did not go so well. What you could do differently this new year? 

What or who would you like to leave behind in this year? What would you like to take forward to the New year?

Is this getting you thinking, the cogs turning, the mind opening to new ventures?

I would recommend taking some time writing down your reflections of 2015. Take your time, there is no rush. 

Once you feel this is completed it is time to move on to 2016. Of course, I am mindful it is good to live in the present moment, however to live fully in the present in my experience,  it helps to plan and prepare ahead.

Have you got your thinking cap on ? Great, we can now move on.......

These are my own ideas for helping to focus, keep motivated, maintaining the feeling of fulfilment and live in the present moment. There are links at the end. So here goes....

1. Invest in a  large diary or a calendar. Coloured pens help, we want to be creative, innovative. Think outside the box, there is no box.

2. Close your eyes, imagine four corner stones in your life. Social needs, health needs, emotional needs, financial needs. You may want to write down specifically that you individually need from each of these areas. Everyone has varying needs, it is important that that you take time to think of your own needs. Check in that they are your own, and not someone elses. If you have a partner then you could look at a shared vision and your own.

3. Write in your diary your self care needs first. How often are you going to take those breaks? Holidays, where do you want to go? This is the best part. If you work, look after someone or volunteer,  it is necessary to ensure these are in place. Allowing yourself time to de- stress will give you the energy, love for life you need to be healthier and happier this year and impact on those around you. 

What about regular exercise, how often do you need to get sweaty, what can you do. Something new maybe? There are so many ways to keep fit, we can find something to suit our needs.

4. Who do you want to spend time with? Family, friends, colleagues... who inspires you. Need new friends? There are many groups that are available to join in the communities now, find somewhere that you would like to try, go and if it is not your thing, move on, you are not a tree. Social well-being is a must, isolation can cause feelings of loneliness and depression. Studies show that people are healthier and happier when they have supportive friends and people around them. Choose the right kind of people, many of us have experienced relationships that cause us to feel bad. If you are the one that is causing the bad feelings, find someone to help you, it is not to late to change. Caring about your own self is called self compassion, be your own best friend, love yourself then it is easier to be loved by others.

5. Emotionally we need to meet our needs, we can do this from the above, and from other passions in our lives. Animals, music, reading, blogging, singing, whatever gets you feeling those good vibrations. Find what ignites your fire in your soul. You may want to try out new well-being groups, or invest in your well -being by finding a counsellor or a life coach, Reiki, Hypnotherapy or some other kind of therapist, There re so many of us out there working in different ways that suit individual needs.  Learn something new, play the guitar, learn to dance, or cook a new recipe. Try some practising mindfulness everyday, practice being the operative word, like any skill learning to be mindful will take you time if you are new to the whole meditation world.

6. Financially we can start to continue good habits or turn over a new leaf, create new helpful habits that will benefit us in the long haul.  You can do this alone by reading on line or find some help.  Pay off your debts, start to save, change the relationship you have with money, learn to love money, let it be your best friend.  Value money, I have been inspired by Julie the Money Coach this year and Louise Hay, who both encourage ways to develop a better relationship with money. We all need enough money to live well in this world, if we don't have enough our security is affected which raising our stress levels to the red light. In your diary write in when you will look at your accounts weekly or monthly to keep track of spending. Find ways to save. Follow the links to find out more information on money. 

None of these ideas above are limited, you will have your own thoughts I'm sure, if you do that's  great, please share below. These suggestions are food for thought and not meant to be the answer to deep rooted problems or illnesses or claim to resolve any serious problems that you are experiencing. Seek or maintain medical or professional support if necessary.

Please find the links below for further help.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. I would like to wish you a sparkling new year, be it healthier and happier for you in 2016.

From WIndmills of the Minds 

This is copyright to Sarah Thorpe Windmills of the Minds © 2016 28/12/2015 

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