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Counselling for 13-25 years 

Teenagers and young people are struggling 

The number of young people undergoing treatment or waiting to start care in CAMHS reached 466,250 in my. The highest in number on record.

These young people could fill Wembley stadium, five times over.


Credit to Young Minds

Young Peoples brains are still developing until they are 25 years.

This means they cannot think the same as an adult would.

Parents say they can feel so frustrated and helpless trying to support their teen or young person.

It is a time when as parents/carers we need most support and yet there seems to be less!

We understand that caring for a young person can be challenging and that more support is needed during this critical time.


That's why I offer counselling services designed specifically for young people. I specialise in  supporting young people as they navigate the complexities of adolescence. 

Together, we'll work to help your young person build the resources needed for a happier, healthier life.




Counselling for young people 

I offer

  • A Confidential space

  • Time to process inner thoughts and feelings

  • Explore your needs

  • Grow in self awareness and confidence  and may help you to improve relationships at home and school. 

 CALL SARAH  07727115371


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