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Christmas .. What does this celebration time mean to you?

‘Money cannot buy life’

                                     Bob Marley

Christmas can be an incredibly joyous time for some, or an incredibly difficult, sad or stressful time for others. It is good to consider what stresses we can not avoid and ones we place on ourselves that could be avoided. Such as spending too much money or over committing to please everyone. This can cause feelings of guilt, sometimes resentment.  We may feel guilty for having to let people down, or resentment for feeling pressured to be somewhere you don’t want to be. Making conscious choices helps to ease these feelings. However, these feelings are natural and inevitable at times. Rather than feel bad for feeling these emotions, not judging ourselves for having uncomfortable feelings and thoughts will create less stress for yourself and others.

Separated parents often experience stresses and strains at this time. How will my children feel? Who will have the children on Christmas day? Will we take it in turns or split the day? Who buys what?

For many families this will create anxiety, stress and sadness. Dealing with being alone on Christmas day without your children will create mixed emotions for many. We need to allow time to reflect and let ourselves feel these emotions. Suppressing them only makes them stronger.

Many elderly people will sit alone at Christmas, maybe not even have Christmas lunch or get out of bed.

People with alcohol abuse, addictions, will inevitably find this time of year challenging and tempting to fall back in to their old patterns. The families of addicts will also suffer at these time due to their anxiety, for e.g. worrying if there partner will not be there for family get together, will they spend money on drink or other addictions. ‘It is worth considering a plan of action to tackle these issues before they arise.

For people who have been bereaved, whether this was at Christmas time or not, this can be an extremely difficult time for them to cope. It feels like everyone is having a good time, happy and with the ones they love. They experience feelings of loneliness, depression and will immense sadness.

Anxiety sufferers will find that they start to feel increasingly anxious. The crowds in the shops, the noises, having to spend time with family and groups of people can be enough to trigger strong panic attacks.

For people with issues affecting healthy mental health, already feeling isolated and vulnerable, celebrations can be a trigger to feelings of sadness, fear and sometimes suicidal thoughts.

Students may be far away from their families and struggling financially if they cannot afford to go home. Especially overseas students who will be far away.

Some ideas and suggestions of surviving Christmas.

 A plan of action helps to prepare ahead. Setting budgets and sticking to them. Writing lists. Having realistic expectations of ourselves and others will reduce pressure. Doing something out of the ordinary. Getting some rest and relaxation time. Time out, a walk in the fresh air or relax in the bath. Plan to visit or invite people over. Not everyone likes Christmas or celebrates it and if don’t then that is ok.

Become a volunteer. At Christmas charity shops or other services need help. Also you could become a volunteer for ending loneliness.


Helpline over Christmas

Hopefully if you do celebrate Christmas, this can be a great time to reflect, spend time with others who we rarely see. Relax and pamper ourselves, give and receive. Watch Christmas movies, go for winter walks, and enjoy Christmas songs.

I wish well to everyone who reads this, whatever you do, and take care of yourself over the holidays.  

‘Money can’t buy me love’


Sarah Thorpe


© All rights reserved to Windmills of the Minds owned by Sarah Thorpe

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