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Email Counselling

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Why Email Counselling ?

You have a right to choose!

If you feel overwhelmed about having any other form of counselling. 

If you can express yourself in writing, articulate your thoughts and feelings differently and more openly.

If you struggle with dyslexia and memory, you are neurodivergent,  executive functioning is difficult.  

You cannot leave your home for any reason for e.g agoraphobia, health conditions, or live somewhere that is remote.

You are on the move, lead a busy life!

You can focus, reflect on what you write and on what the counsellors write.

You get double the amount for your money, your 60 minutes writing what you want to share and process, the therapists 60 minutes writing their therapeutic response.

You cannot travel. 

You can have a written history of your therapy sessions to reflect on when needed. 

YOU can choose what is best for you!

A brief guide to how email works 

Like any therapy session, it is confidential and the only time we have a respons break that confidentiality, if is someone tells us a life is at risk. 

You write your email within an agreed time frame, I respond within an agreed time frame.

We have 500 words maximum in writing emails.

You write about what you feel is important to share with your therapist, it is your therapy. 

Your therapist will respond to you.

We will communicate using proton email which is a secure email. 

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Next steps ?

Get in touch 

It can be daunting taking the first steps forward.

There is no pressure when making your enquiry to start email counselling.


We can have an informal discussion online, or by telephone. We will initially explore to understand your needs fully in the intake sessions.

Get in touch for more information, I will send out a guide on email counselling so you are fully informed. 

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