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Do we fall or rise?

Here goes my first ever blog.  I am reflective on my last teaching session last week with adults. This was focused on reaching our full potential and striving for self actualisation for which the theorist Maslow developed. a link her providing a good explanation if you wish to read more about Maslow.

I ask questions such as 'with all the recent loss of jobs, homes and people's security will this prevent many of us from climbing the ladder to feeling fulfilled and reaching our full potential?'

I am not talking about being rich in money to feel fulfilled, though the reality is we do need a certain amount of money to survive and pay our bills. 

If we feel insecure about money, jobs, losing our homes, will we feel more at ease, a sense of belonging to society. Will we be able to concentrate on living instead of surviving. Do we become consumed by fear of what is being done to us and therefore we become paralysed and stuck?

Or do we learn to become more resilient and more resourceful in the face of adversity? Will we become stronger and our voices become louder?

Will we learn to fight for what is right for us and for each other? 

Will we become more of a nation that sticks together and supports one another rather than feels resentful about what other people get or don't get?

I wander 'when are we going to have leaders that promote this way of being to create a sense of community and help people feel a part of society and not a product of society?'

Personally I like to strive to be all I can be though some days are harder to do this than others and to feel safe and secure as much as it is possible.  I like to help others,  adults and children in reaching their own individual potential and to feel content with life and find comfort and support in being with others.

There is a campaign being run to end loneliness in older people here is the link  

However, this could be done for all ages as this can affect different ages Mmm maybe that is a thought for me and for anyone who takes the time to read my blog. 

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