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Eat your heart out

I have a series of blogs of one woman's journey of her emotional attachment with food. The woman would like to remain anonymous. For this purpose I will refer to her with a pseudonym, Anna. 

Chapter 1. Anna wrote.

I have a problem with food, do you?

It is not in the eating but refraining from doing so.

When food is used to "fix a hole'', that maybe is caused by the loss of a loved, it can turn evil.

I am not thinking of how unhealthy my relationship is when stufffing my face with food!

Counselling can help us get back on track.

There is the old cliche ''time heals''. Yet over time I have gained excessive weight. Obesity is now a fact of life for me.

It takes a toll on my heart, literally. Far more damaging to my well being than the loss of past love.

Food has become an addiction. Developing an unhealthy attitude makes food a real problem.

Maybe you can relate. Food becomes the ......treat, comforter, emotional crutch, healer, soother, motivator, compensation, companion?. Far more than the physical need to eat.

Food is now my enemy. No matter how much pleasure can be derived from eating, food does not feel like a friend now.

The more I eat the more I want food. My weight now limits what I can do physically, affecting the quality of life I would like to lead.

 One of the ways I can help myself is by seeking counselling. That and other means of control over the addiction. Changing bad habits into healthy actions will be shared each day this week. 

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