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Reflections on counselling

Talking to a trained counselling professional is different from having a chat with a friend or a family.

Counsellors are highly trained professionals in working with others therapeutically to enable the person to work through challenging times. 

My counselling training lasted over 10 years and i continue to update my learning in different aspects to increase my skills and widen my knowledge. Also keeping up to date with the changes in policies and the government.

It takes a great deal of work and commitment in this profession to maintain good standards of work. I am a member of the BACP and on their approved register. This requires working to their ethical standards and guidelines. It takes commitment to taking care of myself to enable my ability to support others.

Through the years of my  counselling journey up to now,  i have spent time learning about myself and i have attended counselling for my own personal development and when i have needed too. I highly valued the time I spent as a client. I learned to know what it feels like to sit in that chair and feel vulnerable.  It also has given me the opportunity not only to support me in challenging times but to feel comfortable in my own skin. That is priceless to me.

Whereas the principles  of counselling are similar for most fields,  every counsellor is unique, we all have our own personalities. The relationship to me with every client is unique and is the key to being able to work together effectively. if i am able to help a client feel at ease, trust me and feel confident in me, this to me,  is the stability that will provide the platform to enabling the therapeutic process to take place.

This in turn enables the person to accept themselves and therefore be able to make changes if they choose too. 

Acceptance of the human self and all our parts for me is where we grow and become more human. We learn to accept others and understand each other in much greater depth. The relationship with ourselves makes the difference to how we relate to others. If we don't like who we are, how can we be open to forging deep human connections......?

To be continued.

Sarah Thorpe 

Thank you for reading.

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