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Space and Time for US

How do we know when we are burning the candle at both ends?

Are there signs we can notice in ourselves? Or do we notice them in others easier?

For me it took some years to notice my signs. Now I tend to notice early on. Signs such as  the way my mind is racing and I am unable to switch off. I notice I may be more forgetful, late or start to feel generally run down. I may feel more tearful at times. I may spend less time with people close to me. 

Do any of these resound for you in the way you feel?

Noticing our signs can really help us to stop and take time out more regular. Taking time out every few months tends to backfire as often we find if we have been charging at 100mph and not putting the breaks on. When we have time off we are prone to feeling ill.

What we can do is set time aside for ourselves everyday, even if it is only fifteen minutes.  We all have different ways to relax, to wind down and to reflect.

As the pace of modern society appears to beat faster, it is even more of a reason to stop still.

If we do this regular we will soon form a helpful habit of putting US into our routine. 

Think about what you do to take time out or what you might like ? Listen to music, exercise, play with children, go for a walk, bake, pamper yourself, spend time with friends?

How does it benefit you and other people in your life?

For me it prevents me getting bogged down,  tunnel vision and feeling ill. It helps me to give time to other people and to maintain a good sense of well being. An open mind and a sense of humour. I work much better and feel less tired. 

Most importantly it helps me stay connected to myself.

Meditation can be a gate way reducing anxiety and depression, combined with other self care routines.

Please take time to listen to Mary Maddox Meditation Oasis -fantastic guided meditations. where you will find free downloads. 

So let us  be the ones to create the life we want to create. Put into it what we want to put in.

Clear out what we don't need. In  a way it can be seen as a personal clean out. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Your comments are appreciated.

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