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Support networks

You may here a great deal from mental health and emotional well being services that support networks are vital in keeping well. The NHS definitely recommend that we need a good support circle to maintain our well being.

In my experiences of working with others professionally and my own personally, i hear and see that having people who are supportive around us helps us cope with the challenges and slumps in life.

People who feel they have people to talk to often will cope much better than if we don't. If we don't have many people who are supportive, we usually end up feeling lonely and isolated which impacts on our mental well being. 

Talking to others about feeling low, depressed or anxious still can be incredibly daunting for some people and in some work environments. From what i experience we still need to keep improving at talking, recognising and understanding how anyone can gradually feel unwell from stressful and emotional issues.

So lets keep making changes to supporting one another to let people know that it is ok to talk about their feelings without feeling inadequate or judged.

I welcome comments from people.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Windmills of the Minds


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