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The little things, are the big things in life......

Having recently recorded an interview with two fabulous women who are raising money for the Doncaster Cancer Dectection Trust, both also having battled cancer themselves. 

My thoughts to share with you, are around the little things in know the things that really count, they really aren't the little things.  they are the big things. Things that really matter.

Whether that is the morning sunrise, the smell of fresh bed sheets or the warmth of your childs hand in yours.

The moments of sheer happiness or sadness that touch you deep within, births and deaths, moments of joy, moments that cause us to reach into the soul and find that place that can become hidden day to day in all the hustle and bustle of life.

The love that we feel for the ones close to us, family and friends. The time that we have on the earth, the sights, sounds and smells of the world. The sound of the sea, the feel of the warm sun. 

What are your 'little, big things' in life?


What makes you think of how precious are time here is on earth..time spent with family?

If more focus could be on these priceless gifts of life, instead of the pricey gifts of life then maybe we would be able to get our priorities in order, to feel that inner warmth more often...i know i can go off track about what really counts, then something helps me remember, such as  talking to people who are making a difference and care about one another.

I welcome comments

Thank you for reading.

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