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Were you bullied as a child?

In this mini blog I highlight the types and the impact of bullying and how and where you can get help.

Bullying is an issues that affects so many children and has long lasting affects on adults... have you ever been bullied for long periods?

If you have you may still find that you hear the names in your head that the bullies called you. Often people find it hard to shake the name calling, the emotional messages from bullies. Bullies can of course may be parents or siblings, along with peers at school or in other environments.

Now there is also the issue of cyber bullying, an added dimension for children and young people.

Prince William has produced a video please click on the link below. He is campaigning for the Naional Stand Up day, this was set up by the Diana Award charity.

Bullying can cause long term mental health issues if the person does not receive help for the trauma that this can cause. Physical and emotional bullying can drive children to want to find an escape, sadly some have felt so alone and unsupported that they have ended their life.

Lets not let this continue, if you are a parent or carer reading this or you work with children you can beware of signs to look for and changes in behaviour.

Unexplained injuries, frequent headaches. feeling sick. Eating habits change, difficulty sleeping. Decline in school work, feeling hungry because they did not eat lunch.

Suddenly falling out with friends, avoiding situations,. They often begin to feel bad about themselves and feel helpless and powerless. Their belongings or money going missing.

Can you imagine having to go to school or be at home and have someone constantly calling you names and hurting you? Children are vulnerable, they are not able to make this stop on their own, they need your help. Do not ignore the problem thinking it will go away or your child is exaggerating.

Here are some links to read more information on how to get help and what you can do if you are being bullied or know someone who is.

I have worked with many people who have experienced bullying in childhood and in adult hood. I can support children or adults to process the issues of bullying and to rebuild self esteem.

If you are interested to discuss further please contact me to find out more.

Sarah Thorpe.

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